Premium Handmade 10 Unique Web 2.0 Properties

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Why use Web 2.0 properties?

Web 2.0 site through a strong link juice straightway to your money site. This strategy is extremely safe, the same SEO’s call this as a white hat technique. A large number of backlinks will be coming to your site with your contextual Money site link. Having a network of Web 2.0 properties will grove your SERP visibility and ability to rank. Each Web2.0 is made manually, all different unique Webs. We don’t use any type of software or automatic tool to create these properties.

☝️Features of our Pillow Web 2.0 Network

✔    Customize the theme with Banners

✔  Contextual backlink

✔  Highly Spin with 100% Copyscape pass

✔  Targeting your Keywords as an Anchor text

✔  No automation, All work is done manually

✔  Fast delivery

✔  Foreign languages accepted

✔  Complete details report with Web 2.0 Login and Passwords          

✴️Sites We Work on

✅    WordPress.com DA99

✅  Tumblr.com DA99

✅  Blogger DA97

✅    Weebly.com DA93

✅  Wix.com DA92

✅  Livejournal.com DA93

✅  Shutterfly.com DA86

✅  Jimdo.com DA77


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